Saturday, June 03, 2006
Blogger Server Iz Down
I've tried uploading posts & pics the whole day 2-day, but i couldn't upload pictures untill recently ,but after i uploaded someone mailed me and said they couldn't see the pictures.
so i found out in the Blogger Help Group forum that Blogger's been up & down all day today. FUCK!!!!!
  • So If you can't see the pictures you know who to mail about this.
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Michael Kyser Surprise Birthday Party
T.I. & Nia Long
Sp & Ed Lover
Pee Wee , Lyon Cohen & T.I. (The same 2 u MF)
Jenna Fishman & T.I.
Nia Long & Beyonce
Cherri Dennis & Michael Kyser
Cherri Dennis & Dj CLue
Micheal Kyser & Beyonce
Irv Gotti, Kevin Liles & Jay-Z
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Laugh Now, Cry Later June 6th
Ice Cube

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - Before he was an actor, before he made TV shows and movies with his own production company, before he had a record label, Ice Cube was a rapper.Read More
  • Cube defines the term entrepreneur. You gotta respect the man

The interview covers every subject possible that you would wanna ask Cube bout.

From N.W.A to starring in a movie playing a role bigger then Pacino's Scarface.

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E-40 "My Ghetto Report Card" # 1
SAN RAMON, Calif. - It's been nearly 20 years since E-40 (Earl Stevens) first started slinging slang and selling his independent albums out of his car trunk throughout the Bay Area.The 38-year-old rapper recently released his 12th studio album, "My Ghetto Report Card," executive produced by Lil Jon. It reached No. 1 on Billboard's R&B/hip-hop albums chart and No. 3 on the Top 200.Read More
  • Bad Interview, interviewer only asked questions about the term hyphy...yeah. Mad love for the bay though.....
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Marc Ecko Wants To Be The Source
Marc Ecko

SOHH has learned that hip-hop fashion mogul Marc Ecko is looking to buy former The Source Magazine publisher Dave Mays' shares in the magazine in an auction to take place on Monday (June 5), according to sources close to the publication. Read More

And Benzino talking bout I'm coming back on a MUTHAFUCKING HORSE!!
GTF outta here.
  • Mays needs to find himself a new friend, Benzino fucked it all up for BOTH of them.

However Mays is one dumb prick to let Zino turn The Source into the Anti-Shady Script.

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Cassie Me & U Music Video

Looking too much like Aaliyah, plus the fact that there was absolutely no reason for taking a mini shower with that water bottle, like the song though

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Maino Ft Lil Kim Stomp
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Jayneoni's Pre-MTV Movie Awards Birthday and Fashion Bash
Kyla Pratt
Jay Neoni & Vivica Fox
Shar Jackson
Jay Neoni & Tichina Arnold
Nicole Ari Parker
Tisha Campbell & Guests
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Friday, June 02, 2006
Game Get's Himself A Deal

He sure as hell ain’t on G-Unit/Aftermath/Interscope anymore. But with his sophomore LP The Doctor’s Advocate on deck, Game is looking to get a deal with Aftermath/Interscope for his Black Wall Street imprint. Read More

  • That is one REAL cat when it comes to rhymes.

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Hoopz Iz A Media Whore

Nick Cannon & RuPaul( I Mean Hoopz)
  • Let's be real fo a minute only a publicity whore would pull some shit like that, I used to like her now I don't. Okay I never liked her , but hey she brings allot of hits so there you go yes i'm shady like that.
Is she Ugly ? No, but you can NOT sit there and tell me that when you saw this picture you didn't think it was Nick and some random Tranny.
  • Her 15 minutes are OFFICIALY OVER ...NEXT>
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Cam'ron "It's Going Down" Going At Jay..Again

After closely listening to Jigga say, “We don’t resort to violence, we own resorts and islands,” in his verse on the remix of Ross’ “Hustlin’”, Cam chimes in with a direct retort on, “It’s Going Down.” At the same time, Cam once again challenges Jay to say his name on a record. Read More

Cam'ron "It's Going Down" Audio

Why is this MuthaFucka responding to the Hustlin Remix Jay did? Jay don't even mention Cam's name.

  • But hey the shoe probably did fit. I mean when Jay said " I'm in the air , I don't hear niggaz corny raps" Cam knew immediately that Jayz rhymes were directed to him .

I sure did.

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Lucy Diamond: On 50's Bad Side, Amil & Lady Sovereign

In late April several news outlets released a report that Michael Jackson and 50 Cent had plans to collaborate on a song "Now That I Found Love" with rap newcomer Lucy Diamonds.

On 50
  • He needs to be concerned about the horrible fails of everybody on that label. Mobb Deep, Tony Yayo... and now Mase is on God's bad side. I almost feel sorry for 50 right now."

Hahahahha Ain't that he truth.

Why did Mobb Deep signed a deal with G-unit?Blood money is PURE GARBAGE fo real real five 0 is on almost every track on that mutha fucka. Bad career move.Got love for Infamous though

On Lady Sorereign

  • "Hov signed the wrong white chick," Lucy tells SOHH. "My lyrics are deep and meaningful. I like to tell stories from different perspectives that will move people


Read More

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T.I., P$C & Drama At Fuse 'Daily Download'
T.I.P , Dj Drama & P$C
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Seal, Heidi & Leni Pictures
Seal, Hedi & Leni
Seal & Leni
So cute
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Janet Looking Like A Man
Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson
Ohh Hell Naw....Damito Jo, she is looking wayyyyy to butch in these pics , like she on steroids or something. I'm happy for her that she lost the weight, but come on now she needs to stop taking those pills or whateva she drinking.
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July 18th Meth's New Lp ' 4:21...The Day After '
Method Man

"There were a lot of things that needed to be changed in my life and career," Meth said Tuesday at New York's Electric Lady Studios. "Everything! I needed that moment of clarity."

"I wasn't true to myself [on The Prequel] for the simple fact that, look at who I was working with," he said. "I'm not trying to take nothing way from Puff, he's the biggest artist on Bad Boy. But Puff with Meth don't mesh. We don't party the same way." Read More

That's real talk! Allot of artists today ( watch u think shit only happening with hip-hop)only care about making it onthe top of that Billboard chart and I applaud Meth for saying , you know I did it to , but i'mma do right this time. Real music
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Kanye & Ludacris Straight Up Winners
Kanye West

After deliberating for less than a day, a New York jury ruled Thursday that Kanye West and Ludacris did not violate another group's copyright when they recorded their hit 2003 single "Stand Up," which was later featured on Chris "Ludacris" Bridges' Chicken & Beer album. Read More

Similarity in these two songs? "like that" was used approximately 80 times or more in both.

Need I say more?

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It's Going Down At Young Joc Album Release Party
Young Joc
Young Joc....It's going down!!!
Cherri Dennis & Ne-Yo
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Thursday, June 01, 2006
Random Video Fuck Bush

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Jamie's Daily Routine To Keep In Shape..SEX

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx has sex every day for 30 minutes to keep in shape.The 'Ray' star revealed that daily love making is the best way to stay slim.He said: "We should all do something for 30
minutes every day to get the heart pumping. I make love to stay in shape." Source
  • Yeah wateva he's been hanging with Eva Longwhoria too much talking all this BS about who they fucking and how they doing it......please keep that shit 2 urself.
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Notorious B.I.G - Juicy

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Biggie's Lawyers: We Didn't Mislead Nobody

Nearly a week after their courtroom scolding, the lawyers for the family of slain rapper Notorious B.I.G. have answered charges that they deceived a Los Angeles judge into declaring a wrongful death mistrial last July. Read More

Whole justice system is corrupt.They withheld information the first time around , so now they playing this game as if Biggie's lawyer deceived the court claiming they knew nothing about an eyewitness.

Come on man , they ain't fooling nobody unless you blind. They trying to find a way to call this a mistrial so further investigation doesn't take place.

Man they can say and do whatever they want, but you can never stop a mother who lost her only child trying to find the truth. Who and Why someone would murder her son.
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DJ Envy Should Be Arrested According To Star's Lawyer

The attorney for fired Power 105.1 radio host Star is claiming his outspoken client made blasphemous comments about rival DJ Envy's child in retaliation.
Star's lawyer Ben Brafman has cited several on-air racist remarks made by rival Hot 97 morning host Miss Jones about his client.
Read More

Who in the hell made the goddamn decision to give Star a $17 million contract for 4 years, that's all I wanna know people. Cuz I need to talk to that MuthaFucka to get my AZZ a deal FO REAL. $17 mill I just can't get over that shit Whew.

Whatever his lawyer claiming Miss Jones doing the same thing yada yada yada. You know the deal everybody be talking garbage and gossiping about everybody Miss Jones called Star's momma prostitute, Wendy Williams called Hoopz a whore it don't matter.

Therefore his lawyer states that he shouldn't be held accountable. Mang as a an adult U should know what type of shit you can or can NOT say.
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Why Can't Blogger Allow Trackback's?
Trackback's are only for those that made it in the category of Top 10 Blogs. Well no more.
I've been going crazy on how to put Trackback's on this blog , like mad crazy.
I know Blogger has the Link to this post feature thing, but I wanted trackback and i got it also.

The funny thing is shit's sooo easy, it only took me about 5-10 minutes to incorporate the right codes and all that HTML crap.

With some help from a Consuming Experience and Robert Lindsay. I got it locked

BTW I really really need to make some free time in my schedule and go threw all Robert Lindsay's post's this guy got an exceptional view on political subjects , writing skills that only a genius would have and the intelligence and ability to put it all in to context. Plus the fact he's Anti-Republican makes me like him even more.
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Chamillionaire ft. Krayzie Bone - Ridin

Now that's what I'm talkin bout.

This is the shit and you know why? Cuz it's not the lame shit I mostly hear from dude's reppin H-Town...Keep em coming Cham

As for Krayzie you know BTH always doing they thing...

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Wendy Williams Signs With Alize
Kevin Hunter(Husband/Manager) and Wendy Williams
Brett Wright, Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams and Michelle Murray
Wendy Williams and Kobrand president Charles Palombini

Do your thang girl! Come on , how can I hate on her when I'm doing what she doing.
Only difference is she getting paid for talking all that BS.
She got herself a man, a job and a new deal. Get that money girl
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Rhymefest FT Kayne West Brand New

Brand New Layout!!!!

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Red Dress Ink Hosts "Girls Night Out"
Nole Marin & Keenyah
Nole Marin
I hate this bitch ever since she did that whole Nelson Mandela thing and I quote" Nelson Mandela?? Is he still alive?? "WTF?? Don't care how she felt when she was in that cell.
She should be ashamed for not knowing who he is then have the audacity to start crying 5 minutes later like a 5 year old in Toys-R-Us.
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Universal Block Party Arrivals
Ne-Yo & Mtv Host Maz
Rihanna pulling a " Beyonce"
Rihanna looking like Beyonce.
Rihanna needs to get her own style, looking like Beyonce's clone or something except for that forehead shit is getting OLD.
Look at how she waves that's B right there. Only thing NOT screaming Beyonce are those Ugly shoes.
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Tiny & Keisha Xscape Girl's Party
Keisha & Tiny At Memorial Day Party
These girls got they own group Ga.P Girlz out right now love the song " Da One" check their myspace out .
Wheter you an Xscape fan or Ga.p one you need to head over at for everything about the Scott sisters, Tiny , Keisha and Kandi.
Head over to for more pics
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