Saturday, June 10, 2006
Dawn Baxter Birthday Party at BLVD
Nashawn Kearse and Fonsworth Bently ED Lover, Jada Kiss, Dawn Baxter, Nike's Music Manager and Fat Joe
Fat Joe

Terror Squad's Poncho & Joey Crack
  • Could someone please tell diddy's boy to cut that shit out , go back to holding umbrella's.

I still can't believe Jada & Joe did a track with Paris Hilton ....Career suicide

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SuperBock Super Rock Festival

  • I didn't know Olivia was officialy reffered to as" 50 Cent's Band"
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Vida Guerra Playboy Nude Photos Leaked
Vida Guerra's Playboy Nude
No Comment
For More Nude Pictures........Source
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Vida Guerra Party Playboy Spread
Vida Guera
Vida Guerra
Tiffany Hines
Brenda Meija
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"Yo Soy Boricua, Pa' Que Tu Lo Sepas!"
Amaury Nolasco
Rosie Perez
Justina Machado
Santiago Douglas
Daphne Duplaix
Veronica Loren
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Cartier Charity Party
Janet Jackson
Spike Lee
  • Iman that woman is a Goddess Gorgeous just Gorgeous. As far as Janet goes she looks good here, I guess she slowed down on all that weight lifting .
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The Jason Taylor Foundation "Mystery Blue Box Benefit"

Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor & Fan
Audrey & Jonah Woullard
Tommy & Gina Ford
Ron Lang & Tommy Ford
  • Jason Taylor is TOOO Fine!!!
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2006 Turks and Caicos International Film Festival
Jasmine Guy & First Lady LisaRaye Misick( Yes that's her name now)
LisaRaye Misick, First Lady, Turks & Caicos Islands and The Honorable Micheal Misick, Chief Minister, Turks & Caicos Islands(It's Official)
Gabrielle Dennis
Candace Smith
James Brevare
Jerry Azuma
  • You see that long longggg title I just wrote under Lisaraye & her husand's picture, well that's how they are called now by minister's, governor's, King's & Queen's...So you better get used to it.

Damn I need to step my game up!!

Da Fabulous Life of LisaRaye...From Video "Girl" To First Lady ...Next Month On MTV

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Busta Rhymes Fuse's "Daily Download"
Busta Rhymes
Busta Rhymes & Dylan
  • Woo-Hah got you all in check !!! I used to say Yah Yah Yah all day back in da day , shit would sound retarded now, but whateva YAH YAH YAH!!!
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Nick Cannon Introduces the Boost Mobile RockCorps 200
Young Jeezy
Keisha Cole & Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon
  • Nick is such a P.I.M.P, boy looks good....YEAH RIGHT!!! Ugly, stupid & No taste..AT ALL!!
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Fonzworth Bentley and Chamillionaire Sighting at Marquee
Fonsworth Bently
  • Hip hop's future depends on one man and one man only.....Fonsworth Bently..Please SIT YOUR ASS DOWN.

Chamillionaire reppin H-Town

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Ice Cube Says He's A Better Actor Than Vin Diesel
Ice Cube

Rapper/actor Ice Cube, who starred in last year's sequel to the 2002 Vin Diesel vehicle "XXX," doesn't think much of his predecessor. "Mine was just better," Ice tells Complex magazine. "Look better, act better. I don't know what he could do as good as me." In addition to trying to stoke his very own celebrity feud, Ice Cube also takes on racial stereotypes. "There's some truth in stereotypes. People just should be themselves. If we eating chicken is a stereotype, and I like chicken, I'm gonna have me some damn chicken. I'm not gonna worry about who's watching me, and am I fulfilling the stereotypes." Source

  • STFU!!! Come on we all know that album is about to drop( Laugh Now, Cry Later) , but stop making these dumb statements to get some publicity . Let da music do the talking, Jesus!!

In my book, he just lost a few stripes

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Launch"Boom Boom Room" At T.I.'s Club Crucial
Big Boi's wife Sherlita Patton Uncle mooney
Lil Marc G Rock
  • According to Sandra Rose ,who spoke to Pee Wee T.I. was in Jamaica

More On Xtaci

More Pictures At


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Toni Braxton Performance At World Cup
Toni Braxton's Booty
Toni Braxton's Underwear
  • First thing that came to my mind when I saw these pics was , Is that granny underwear she wearing , but hey better that than NO underwear at all.

She looks beautiful though, but that song sucked and so does Il Divo.


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Missed Me??

Where was I these last few days??? Answer to that would be None of your businezzzzz!!!

Whateva my man works for an Atlanta Welding Company that also has an international headquarters based in The Netherlands. So he travels allot and me being a good woman that I am , travel on small projects with him ....Latest stop was France..Oui Oui

  • P.S Don't go using my pictures like they're yours or something.

As for these pictures I think they represent beauty, architecture and history and IF you disagree than you need to get out and travel a little more or you just have a lack of taste.

You really don't know what you been missing...

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