Saturday, June 24, 2006
Game Talks About Engagement To Valeisha Butterfield.

Valeisha Butterfield

Valeisha Butterfield

Valeisha At Grammy Party 2006

It's been known for about a month now that game was engaged to Valeisha Butterfield-- I even have a post dated back to May 20th where she's posing next to McLyte.
Ya'll slow with the Juicy Gossip.

Suggestions? Visit this site more often.

So I'll save you from your curiosity on how she looks like with some of her older pictures.
I Think The Black And White Pictures Were From Her PortFolio --As An aspiring actress you'll need one.
Don't know if she still pursuing that dream though.

She had a small role in " Remember The Titans " As a Cheerleader--Now she works for Mr Simmons At Def Jam.

Beautiful Girl..

The Most Recent Picture I Got From Her.

Now When Is He Dropping That Damn Album?

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Mase Needs Some Professional Help..Pronto!!

Mase On The Cover Off G-Unot Radio Part 16

After "Murder Mase" came back to the rap scene recently talking all that yap about how being a Pastor
isn't all he wanted to do anymore -- even telling sources he just may leave that role for good -- he's back in Pastor mode. Read More

What is wrong with him?? Finding God in your life is great thing, but going in and out of church everytime you go broke to hit the studio-- is whole other subject.
I'm not even gonna go deep into this.

Someone should just tell him what happened to Judas!

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Ciara Needs Help With Who She Should Do A Collab With.

Ciara At The Essense Musical Festival Taping

Miss 1 2 Step needed some advice-- and it's a HUGE!.

Lil Bow Wow's ( is it Lil Bow Wow or Bow Wow that kid hasn't grown an inch since 1996) Ex-Girlfriend doesn't know who she needs to go in bed with. all revolves around a song ( Jezus !!) --she wants her fans to help her out on who she needs to collaborate with on a track.

So she just goes ahead and posts her question on Yahoo Answers and in 3 days she gets 1745 presumable answers.

Here's some of the answers she got.

"brian mcknight"

"Lionel Richie. He's a great songwriter and could use a comeback"

"sing??? lol"

I Wonder how much of these singers would want to record a song with her?

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Sean Paul Ft Keyshia Cole Give It Up To Me Remix Video

I Feel the track...But that's with every song Sean Paul track--No doubt about that one.
He makes good music, if you real you know dude is a stand up guy also.
It's a blessing --don't waste your time.

Enough with the Sean Paul worshipping, Keyshia brings some smooth vocals to the song .... But chick can't dance fo shit.
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Friday, June 23, 2006
Eminem Keeping Divorce To Kim Matthers Private

Eminem & D12 Members

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. - Eminem continued divorce proceedings with his wife, Kimberley Mathers, in a private hearing Thursday. Details of the meeting in Macomb County Circuit Court were not disclosed. Read More

Hes had a very bad year so far-- the lost of his best friend , divorce ( second time to the same trick ) and going to rehab for drug abuse.
Maybe his upcoming movie project will turn things around for him.
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Rihanna Follows Mary J Blige Footsteps

Rihanna at MTV Awards

NEW YORK - Another soap opera, another R&B/pop diva.
After the announcement that Mary J. Blige will make a cameo on CBS One Life to Live on July 28,
ABC revealed Thursday that Rihanna, the hot-selling 18-year-old singer, will appear on All My Children. Read More
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Celebrity Spades Tournament At Strada

Joe Budden

Melyssa Fords

Nashawn Kearse

More Pictures Here
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Beyonce Turns Out To Be A Snake According To Letoya Luckett

The Quality Of the Video ain't ALL THAT, but THE INTERVIEW IS. Beyonce Is A Lying Skank.

Uploaded by juelzgirlie

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Thursday, June 22, 2006
For That Bitch That Flagged My Site!!!
Bitch I know who you both are , It takes more than one person to flag a site.
Do you suck cock too to get what you want, I link to your site and this is what low ass HOE's like you do.
Can't accept that a bitch like me can rank so high in search engines in such a short time. Hop of my clit and get your shit together .
I got something for you don't be surprised if your blog dissapears in these couple of days. Go get some proper eductaion maybe you'll learn a trick or two how to get your site ranked so high , but no you need to flag mine so you can stay on your grind. Eat dick Hoe. I'mma put your ass on blast you'll see. I beat you to the punch once and I'l do it again. What you think you've seen all that I can, Hoe I just started.

Face it Honey Just Face it !!
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Mary J Blige To Perform Two Songs On "One Life To Live"

Mary J Blige And Lil Kim

NEW YORK - Though she famously sang about wanting No More Drama in her own life,
Mary J. Blige is about to be transplanted into a world of crime, scheming, back-stabbing and scandal.
Shes taping an appearance on ABCs One Life to Live. Read More

The Show will air July 28th.
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Beyonce And Jay Z Are Officialy Over.

Beyonce At Cannes Film Festival

I knew that this was coming since a couple of days ago , when I ya'll that Playboy's July Cover girl Vida Guerra was the problem starter in Jayonce's relationship.

But according to Social Rank the story has taken a U-Turn.
Five Head Rihanna seems to be a huge issue with B , she don't like her, can't stand her and most importantly Jay needs to Stay Away from that Bitch.
That's how Beyonce feels Off course. With Def Jam & The Nets as his topspot financial interests, Jay is also one busy man. Beyonce couldn't take that shit no more.
*pause and thinks for a moment*
Come to think about it why am I even posting this, Dude is a great rapper I admit , but as a Pipe Layer.....Oh Hell Naw.
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Christina Milian & Boyfriend Dre At Voodoo Lounge in Miami

Christina Milian & Boyfriend Dre

Christina Millian & Dre

More Pictures Here

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Jamie Foxx Song " Heaven " Sounds More Like " Hell "

Jamie Foxx Likes To Grab.

A $75 million lawsuit was filed against the Oscar winner in March by a Detroit man claiming that Foxx's "Heaven"
--is a reworked version of a song the plaintiff copyrighted in December 2003,
according to papers filed in Eastern Michigan's U.S. District Court and obtained by Read More

If this turns out to be true than Jamie's career is over, now you may ask yourself why ? The man has won An Oscar for God's Sake.
I totally agree, but If you lied about making a song about your daughter which contains words like , Heaven, Angel & God.
People would start wondering what more is this man capable of , No he didn't kill anyone not a big deal.
But as far as your morals people will know where you stand ---Not that you have any.
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Jay Z Editing All His Song Who Have References To Cristal

Teairra Mari And Jay Z

Word is Jay-Z will change the lyrics on all his Cristal-promoting songs during the 10th anniversary celebration of his debut album, Reasonable Doubt on June 25.Songs like "Can't Knock the Hustle," "Dead Presidents," "Brooklyn's Finest" and "Feelin' It" reportedly all feature references to the pricey champagne. Hov recently boycotted Cris at his 40/40 club after the drink's managing director Federic Rouzard said the rap community's support was "unwelcome attention." According to Jigga, his club's patrons have been quite supportive of the boycott. Read More

I would do the same...

Fuck Cristal -- Krug is WHAT I SIP NOW!!
Until..... Some Rapper Boycotts Krug Too.
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Busta Banging Hard On The Billboard Charts.

Busta Rhymes brings forth his first No. 1 on The Billboard 200 this week with "The Big Bang."
The album sold 209,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan,
the rapper's best one-week sum since "E.L.E.: Extinction Level Event" sold 212,000 in its second week in 1998.
"The Big Bang" also goes right to No. 1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and Top Rap Albums tallies.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Fader Summer Music Issue Release Party

Brooke Crittendon / Crittenden & Guest.

Rick Ross

Rick Ross & Tyson Beckford

Rob Stone ( Fader Magazine ) & Gabe ( Def Jam)

Nina Sky and Julissa
As far as Brooke---Yes Kanye West girlfriend--still don't know how to spell her actual last name.
That is Untill she finally does some professional modelling and her name gets officialy released in the press.... Someone had to say it.
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The Game Talks About His First Movie " Waist Deep " In Interview

The Game

Movieweb sat down with Jayceon Taylor who we know as The Game for an interview about his new movie Waist Deep


Game talks about how it's like to wake up at 4 a.m, How Tyrese is a dude with a heart in the right place--- giving Game a helping hand by rehearsing his lines with him.
How Jamie Foxx would have felt playing Ray Charles in the Oscar Winner " Ray" --Game had to wear a prosthetic eye also.
How he would never potray any role in a movie that slightly resembles Brokeback Mountain---or act with any of its cast members for that matter.

Most importantly how he signed up for the role.
And I quote " I saw the check, and then I saw the script "

Part Of The Interview

What was this like for you, doing your first movie?

The Game: It was a real dope experience; I just appreciated the opportunity first of all given to me by Vondie (Curtis-Hall), he's a great director. Then, Larenz Tate and Tyrese; they were in my trailer every morning at 4am coaching me and going over lines. I had no idea that this movie sh*t is so crazy; it's the hardest sh*t in the world, it's crazy.

Did you have fun?

The Game: A hundred percent; I had to fallback and jump all the way into this character and even though the character suits my lifestyle and where I'm from, being a gangster rapper and playing a character that's a villain, a gangster in the movie, but it still wasn't easy. Acting is not easy; it's long days and long nights, but at the end of the day reward is real big. I can't wait to get to the premiere.

When you and Tyrese were in the trailer in the morning and off camera what did you guys talk about?

What kind of advice did he give you?The Game: He coached me on everything from facial expressions to my lines and how to deliver every word, not how to deliver every word - 'and's' and 'I's' and 'F*ck you' and 'I'll kill you.' Tyrese is great, man; he's a veteran actor and he's still under thirty. He's one of my greatest friends in the industry and is just a very talented guy and I appreciated it everyday because he didn't have to do what he did for me.

Read The Entire Interview
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Waist Deep Video Clip Featuring Megan Good

Megan Good In Waist Deep Capture

Video Link

Hope the link works , didn't get a chance to check it out yet.

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Dave Chappell Hangs Up On Hot 97 Miss Jones

Dave Chappelle

Dave had requested a phone call to Miss Jones Show to promote the Dvd Release of " Block Party "
But the conversation soon turned out about him leaving Comedy Central and he was distraught to answer those questions.

When Miss Jones' sidekick Michael Shaun jokingly asked if Chappelle had been "smoking something,"
A moment later, Chappelle said he had just gotten a note from his publicist saying he should hang up, and he did.

"I feel like a fool for trying to be nice," Miss Jones commented to the Daily News, adding the comedian had little to say about the DVD anyway.
"What I should have said was, 'What the fuck are you calling for?' Read More At Whudat.

Didn't they fire this Bitch the last time she had opened her mouth about the NYPD?
It's about time for Hot 97 to do some reorganization.

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Mariah " Mimi " Carey On The Jay Leno Show Video

Part 2

Fabolous Darling!!

Uploaded by stagecrawler

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Halle Berry Gets Parking Ticket

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Homegirl still got that figure.

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Pharrell Williams Louis Vuitton Ad
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T-Mobile Presents Side Kick Launch Party 3

Christina Milian

Christina Millian & Guest/ Friend

Malcolm Jamaal Warner

Mike Tyson and Casey Johnson

Serena Williams

Tatiana Ali

Tracy Mcgrady

Casey Johnson is either stupid or has never heard of Robin Givens---- Who has been outspoken about allot of thing--especially when it comes to Mike Tyson.
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Kelis, Field Mob, Donnel Jones & Three Six Mafia At BET 106th & Park

Julissa & Smoke From Field Mob

Juicy J, Dj Paul , Julissa and Terrence

Donell Jones

Shawn J & Smoke ( Field Mob )


As I'm posting these pictures all I could think about was--- Who In Da Hell Would Hire Julissa?
And most importantly--- Why hasn't she been FIRED?

Bring A.J & Free Back!!!

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Heidi & Seal Expecting Second Child Together
Seal & Leni

Heidi Klum, 33, and her husband Seal 43, announced Tuesday that they are expecting their second child together, Us Weekly reported. Read More

Well I'll say third child together , Seal been a father to Heidi's little girl Leni sinds the day she was born.
She knows that's her Daddy

Congratz to them.
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Miami Heat Win Championship Title , Dwayne Wade Crowned MVP

Dwayne Wade

Miami Heat & Coach Pat Riley.

They won the game 95-92 leaving Mavericks fans crushed -- they played at their home stadium.
But I think they both teams played good ball or they wouldn't have make it to the Finals.

Lakers will bring it home next year fo sure.....You'll See!!
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ARPR Debuts New Office in Atlanta

Keshia Knight Pulliam

Jazze Pha & Lloyd

Teddy Bishop


ARPR Founder Arian Reed and Nick Anderson
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Diggy, Jojo & Mama Justine" Jussy Just " On The Mic

Mama Justine shows support to her sons Diggy's Rap Track & I think she can Spit Some Mean Rhymezz .... Love It!!

Run's Right ..Old School
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Jacob "Jacob The Jeweler" Arabov Ties To " Black Mafia Family "
Jacob Arobov & Diddy
  • Last Thursday Jacob Arabov also known as Jacob the Jeweler was arrested on accusations of money laundering on a warrant issued by federal authorities in Detroit.

  • Court documents allege that Arabov [ Facilitated the purchase of jewelry utilizing drug proceeds … to conceal the true source, nature and ownership of the funds ]

Others named in the indictment are men identified by nicknames that include "C Bear," "Southwest T " and "B-Smooth" are all charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine.


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Jamie Foxx & Colin Farrell " Miami Vice " Prenounced A Flop
Anika Noni Rose , Jamie Foxx & Jennifer Hudson At Cannes Film Festival

The inside word on Michael Manns Miami Vice is that its a dud, and a major one at that.
The remake of the 1980s TV series cost $125 million, and thats what we are admitting to, says a source at Universal Pictures. It is probably more like $150 million.

  • The bigger problem, I am told, is that the movie fails to captures the flavor of the TV series or even establish a new identity. No matter what Manns done so far in editing, sources tell me Miami Vice still comes across as a good-looking empty shell of a movie. Read More
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